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ImmTrac remembers which vaccines you've had, when you can't. This no-cost service provided by the State of Texas safely stores immunization records in one electronic system. Now, both adults and children can register with ImmTrac to store their immunizations for a lifetime. Stay on track — register today.

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Follow three simple steps to register for ImmTrac. The detailed registration tour guides you through these steps and makes signing up easy. Get on the right track — register today.

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In 2009, ImmTrac became a lifetime registry, allowing Texas adults to register in ImmTrac. ImmTrac Now hosts immunization records for Texans of all ages.

You cannot view your ImmTrac records online. Your authorized health-care provider can access your immunization history for you. This is to ensure the confidentiality and security of the immunization records.

Individuals who have turned 18 years old, and were already in ImmTrac as minors, must sign an adult consent form by their 26th birthday to keep their immunization information in ImmTrac.

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